About Us

Circa 2016

A story has begun unfolding.

As an experienced seller with various famous leading store, on that behalf came to know that how they charges a product, on that cases some of charges are un-necessary, it impact on product cost, at end it result indirectly makes product costly to both customers and seller(vendors).


An idea was born why we are not providing marketplace? Why we are not offering less charge? So here we are as patelofficial.com for guaranteed low and reasonable product price, with focus on customer's satisfaction .after all everything is about... Emotions and Expressions.



Our Vision

Patelofficial.com is a new and upbeat online Indian marketplace which is dedicated to offering its customers nothing but the very best clear policies & styles of Indian fashion at prices which are deemed to be affordable for every budget. Patelofficial.com is an e-commerce platform which is celebrated by many style conscious fashioniasts and trend-savvy shoppers


Our key focus is on good quality products, on-time delivery, and customer's satisfaction. Our products of all categories are the real feels of Indian heritage. Our collections are not only an ideal mix of form, function and festivals, but they also reflect the richness of Indian wardrobe and tradition